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Monday, August 21, 2017


21 AUG 17
Not a long post today. Just a few pictures of a Magnolia blossom. One might end up as a book cover someday.

These blossoms look like they could be used as a small faerie house!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Photos - Black and White

05 AUG 17 Happy Saturday to all! Here are a quintet of pictures from a recent trip up North. Taken during the summer, these images capture views normally hidden under snow or waiting for a warmer clime. A bunch of ancient vehicles and a flower. More photos can be found over at DeviantArt, just search for Montellano or click on the link below: 

My artwork on DeviantArt

Here is a tail light from an old old car. So simple when compared to today's vehicles!

Some things just looks better in black and white.

I have no idea why there are two gas pumps in the backyard, but it reminded me
of old times with my dad at a gas station when I was a kid.

 The focus on this picture is over to the right, on the steering wheel. If I get some more time to play with the original, I may leave color through the windshield to highlight the tree growing there.

This poor car has most of the front end off at an angle!

To finish off this set, a picture of color. One of the flowers growing around the old cars. A bright pop of light purple.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, wherever in the world you are. 

Writing: I hope to do some more writing today as well. The story about the Ice Pirates has been read by two wonderful people, and I have incorporated feedback from one of them, going to look at the other's comments and hopefully throw a final edit on it tomorrow and call it done. It will probably top out just at 10K. There was a recent call for stories with pirates and or thieves in them that I could have submitted the story to (Thanks Dave for finding that!), but it turned out I had to be an Aussie to submit (I've been there, does that count?) and the story length was capped at 5K. So no luck! Will keep looking though.